We Deal for all kind's of electric vehicle's....


E Rickshaw with high performance,

awesome design and long life.

F.R.P body which is more durable than steel and stronger than metal,

gives long life to the vehicle.

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The electric rickshaw is a premium quality vehicle

build for performance and comfort

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Load Carrying vehicle, now in F.R.P and metal combination

providing a low cost alternative to heavy duty vehicles

with a carrying capacity of 450kg and above.

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Most economical e-rickshaw, with high performance

a robust design, very long life, high grade metal+fiberglass body

high quality parts and features like front windsheild

wider seating space, low body weight, more stability, excellent drive quality.

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Custom Mobile Cart

A vehicle that can be customized, changed into a desired product

The body of this vehicle can be customized for users special requirements.

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Fruit Cart

Fruits and vegetables cart, a mobile shop for groceries, fruits, and fast food

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Shopping Cart

Mobile shop, an easy solution to set up a shop anywhere.

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School Van

Electric School Van customized for children

designed with safety measures for school children


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